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Byeong Chan Cho, Tae Soo Bae, Comparative Study of Gait Stability Using COM-COP Inclination Angle Changes of Elderly J. Korean Society of Precision Enginnering, Vol. 38, No. 7, pp. 521-528, 2021 (KCI)

Tae Soo Bae, Byeong Chan Cho, Jae Woong Han, Evaluation of Joint Load as Pre-operative Traction in Fracture Reduction Surgeries of Femur and Tibia. J. Korean Society of Precision Enginnering, PP983-988, 2019 (KCI)

Han Wool Seo, Dae Dong Kim, Cheol Woong Ko, Joon Hmm Lee, Tae Soo Bae. Structural Stability Analysis of Connectors for an Electric Handbike. J. Korean Society of Precision Engineering, 32(5), pp491-496, 2015 (KCI)

Cheol Woong Ko, Deok Yeon Cho, Tae Soo Bae, Analysis on Muscle Activities in the Upper Body of Caregivers according to Drive-Assisting Speeds of a Shower Carrier. J. of the Ergonomics Society of Korea, 32(5), pp437-442, 2013 Oct (KCI)

S.H. Hwang, J. Ara, T.J. Song, T.S. Bae, S.H. Park, G. Kang : Effects of Modulation Type on
Electrically-Elicited Tactile Sensation. J. Korean Society of Precision Engineering, 29(7), pp711-716,
2012 (KCI)

S.B. Kim, Y.H. Chang, S.K. Kim, K.S. Kim, M.S. Mun, T.S. Bae : The Measurement of the Magnitude of Sensory Perception and Displeasure to the Vibration Stimuli applied on Forearm in upper Limb Amputees. J. Korean Society of Precision Engineering, 29(7), pp705-710, 2012 (KCI)

S.B. Kim, Y.H. Chang, S.K. Kim, T.S. Bae, M.S. Mun, J.C. Park : Changes of Muscle Activation
Pattern of Trunk Muscles during Whole-body Tilts with and without Axial Rotation. J. Korean Society of Precision Engineering, 29(7), pp805-810, 2012 (KCI)

T.S. Bae, H.J. Kim, S.B. Kim, Y. H. Chang, S.K. Kim, M.S. Mun : Effect of Multi-channel Vibration
Stimulation on Somatosensory Sensibility. J. Korean Society of Precision Engineering, 28(6),
pp651-656, 2011 (KCI)

T.S. Bae, Y. H. Chang, S.K. Kim, M.S. Mun : Effect of Eversion Characteristics on Knee and Ankle
Joint of Trans-tibial Amputees. J. Korean Society of Mechanical Engineering, 33(9), pp886-891, 2009

T.S. Bae, S.K. Kim, J.C. Ryu, M.S. Mun : Analysis on the effect of lordosis changes at lumbar joint using 3-dimensional musculoskeletal model. J. Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 26(10), pp116-121, 2009 (KCI)

Y. H. Chang, T.S. Bae, S.K. Kim, M.S. Mun : A Comparative Study of Gait Characteristics between
Single Axis Foot and Energy Storing Foot for Sports in Trans-tibial Amputee. J. Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 26(2), pp.126-132, 2009. (KCI)

T.S. Bae, H. Heo, K.H. Kim, J.Y. Ahn: Relationship between Traction Force and Elongated
Displacement under Graded Manual Traction of Knee Joint. J. Korean Society for Precision
Engineering, 25(4), pp. 148-153, 2008. (KCI)

T.S. Bae, H. Hyun, S.K, Kim, M.S. Mun, S.R. Hong, J.Y. Ahn: Development of the osseointegrated
implant system for laboratory animals. J. Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 24(10), pp.
117-121., 2007 (KCI)

T.S. Bae, H. Choi, S.K, Kim, M.S. Mun: Effect of prosthetic mass distribution for musculoskeletal system during amputee gait. J. Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 24(8), pp. 130-137, Aug.,2007 (KCI)

H. Heo, T.S. Bae, M.S. Mun: Study on the relationship between vascular perfusion and interface pressure on the ischial tuberosity in the sitting posture., J. Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 24(7), pp.126-132 July, 2007 (KCI)

T.S. Bae, S.K. Kim, M.S. Mun: Dynamic analysis of stair climbing for the above-knee amputee with musculoskeletal models., J. Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 24(7), pp.133-138, 2007 (KCI)

G.D. Kwon, Y.B. Yeo, J.H. Rho, B.W. Cho, B.M. Ahn, T.S. Bae, S.K. Kim, M.S. Mun, K.J. Han:
Biomechanical Study of Fixation Methods for Comminuted Phalangeal Fractures, The Journal of the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand, Vol. 11, Num 4 , pp.221-226, 2006

H.S. Cho, T.S. Bae, S.J. Kang, J.Y. Lee, M.S. Mun: Bio-mechanical Study on Human Muscle
Parameters. J. Korea Society of Precision Engineering, Vol 22(11), pp 16-23, 2005 (KCI)

T.S. Bae, T.S. Lee, Choi. K: Nondestructive Estimation of Mechanical Orthogonality of Human
Trabecular Bone by Computed Tomography and Spherical Indentation Test. Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research, 1229-0807, 26(2), pp.117-122, 2005 (KCI)

T.S. Bae, S.J. Kang, K.J. Choi, S.K. Kim, W.J. Ryu, M.R. Jin, M.S.Mun: The validation of
musculoskeletal model during isokinetic exercise at knee joint : An experimental and simulation study.
J. Korean Orthop. Res. Soc., 6(2), pp186~195, 2003

B.S. Kim, T.S. Bae, J.K, Kim, K. Choi: Influence of Impact Angle on Deformation in Proximal Femur during Slide Falling. J. biomed. Eng. Res., 24(3), pp233~239, 2003 (KCI)

H.C. Jo, S.C. Seong, T.S. Bae, J.D. Jang, M.C. Lee: Fixation Strength Analysis of Press-Fit Technique in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction using Porcine Lower Limb., J Korean Orthop. Res. Soc.,5(1), pp 34-42, 2002

T.S Bae, J.K, Kim, T.S. Lee, K. Choi: A Study of the Mechanical Properties of Human Trabecular Bone by Spherical Indentation Test, J. biomed. Eng. Res. 22:5, pp 419-424, 2001. (KCI)

W.Y. Yang, S.W. Suh, S.P. Hong, H.S. Kim, D.S. Lee, K.W. Choi, T.S. Bae: A Study on the Optimal
Culture Condition and Biomechanical Properties of In Vitro Tissue Engineered Cartilage Using a Fibrin Glue Scaffold. J Korean Soc Plast Reconstr Surg. 28(3), 247-254, 2001

K.H. Kim, Y.C. Lee, K.W. Kwon, T.S. Bae: The Effect of a Chitosan Coating of Dental Implant on the Shock Absorption under Impact Test., J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg. 27(1), pp 9-14, 2001

T.S. Bae, T.S. Lee, S.B. Kang, Y.M. Kim, K.Choi: Estimation of Youngs modulus and apparent density of human trabecular bone by spherical indentation test and CT. J. Korean Orthop. Res. Soc., 2:2, pp155~163, 1999

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